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How many times have you found yourself stuck in a mood that isn't resourceful? When you know that you should do that task but your mood has kept you procrastinating? Or have your emotions spoiled your experience or even rubbed off on other people and left you feeling worse than when you started?

Your emotional state affects you on many levels, including your attitude, focus, decisions, and how you act and react to things.

Did you know that emotions only last for 90 seconds?

Emotions start in the brain and are reactions to our thoughts, which are usually caused by an event we have experienced or witnessed. This reaction then creates a physiological response in our body. After the emotion has played out its short 90-second lifecycle, it’s then you who chooses to stay in the emotional loop and let the mood drag on. You determine how you then feel.

So, I want you to do a quick check-in with yourself now and notice how you are feeling? Are you in a positive, negative, or indifferent mood? What emotions have you been experiencing on a day to day basis over the past few months? You may have noticed more negative, or new emotions during Covid, such as anxiety, frustration, boredom. Have you been stuck in these states for a longer period of time? Are they serving you well or do you want to be in a better state?

The good news is that you have the ability to change your mood instantly, and I have some ways to show you just how to achieve that. Mastering the below skills means making the most out of your day instead of letting your mood determine it.

Know that you can be happier and more successful with these 10 strategies…..


1. Smile


Wear a smile for 2 minutes and your brain will start to release 'happy chemicals'. Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter that makes us feel pleasure and satisfaction. And serotonin, known as the 'happy hormone', reduces stress.


It is hard to maintain anger, frustration, sadness, or other negative emotions when you're wearing a cheesy grin.


Let's get those cheeks aching and teeth showing by:

  • Smiling at a stranger.
  • Smile to yourself in the mirror.
  • Smile at a happy memory or an item that brings you joy.


I challenge you to wear a smile while you finish reading this article and notice how good you start to feel?


2. Laugh


Let's take smiling to another level and turn it into laughter. A small giggle will suffice but why not try for a rip-roaring, good ole belly laugh.


When you laugh the change in your body is instantaneous and, again, your brain releases dopamine to lift your mood, plus you oxygenate your body which boosts your physical performance, immune system, reduces stress, and burns more fat; how healthy is that!


Aim to laugh every day:

  • Think of something funny or bring to mind the last time you cried with laughter.
  • Watch funny videos on YouTube or ask Siri/Google to tell you some jokes.
  • Talk in a silly voice or pull funny faces.


3. Sing or listen to happy music

When you sing or even hum, you lift your mood and the music shifts your body to a higher vibrational level.

As we know, music is good for the soul and also the general well-being as it is said to slow down bad genes that cause brain degeneration!

So, blast out the tunes, get the hairbrush out and sing along with all your might, it doesn’t matter if you’re not a good singer just aim to enjoy yourself - you've got a good scientific excuse if anyone complains!

Either way, your emotional state will be positively impacted.


4. Move your body


If you haven't already been dancing along to point number 3, then now is the time to get grooving. Moving your body is one of the best ways to improve your state.


Your thoughts create your emotions and are reflected in your body. Therefore, if you move your body in a different way then the way you feel (in your body) will change which will ultimately affect your mood.

Moving your body gets your endorphins pumping, and can result in feeling light-headed (a free high), reduces anxiety, and acts as pain relief.

Even just noticing how you're holding your body can help. Is your jaw clenched and your shoulders hunched or nearly touching your ears? Part your lips, let your jaw hang loose, and drop your shoulders to relax and release tension.

There are plenty of ways to move your body:

  • Dance
  • Do some exercise, even 3 minutes of star jumps would help
  • Stretch


5. Change your scenery

Moving to a different location from your usual setting can make you feel vastly different. Change rooms, sit somewhere you don't normally choose, or look out the window (or just open the curtains if you normally have these closed all day).

Take one step further and go outside, get some fresh air, appreciate nature to get a dose of vitamin D - which is a great repellent for feeling blue. Just getting some natural light will keep your body clock in sync, help with your sleep patterns, boost metabolism, and reduce depression. Find some green space and enjoy the fresh smells of nature to boost your frame of mind, make an excuse to walk to the local shop.


6. Spend time with others


Take your mind off matters and boost your mood by spending time with others.


  • Phone a friend, or catch up in person, with someone who will raise your vibe - but don't pick someone who is going to wallow with you in your current pit of despair. You are allowed some time to vent, but keep this limited to 5 minutes, get it all out of your system and then move on and talk about brighter things.
  • Hug someone (Covid allowing) to reduce your stress, bring happiness, improve your health, and promote feelings of love and bonding from a release of oxytocin.
  • Even spending time with a pet, walking the neighbours dog or feeding birds will bring much-needed relief.


7. Shock yourself with something new or unexpected


Shocking your system by doing something out of character will certainly take your mind off things, I'm sure you can be creative with this one:

  • Cold or heat are all-encompassing experiences for your body which doesn't go unnoticed. Try making yourself sweat by doing 100-star jumps or drinking a large glass of cold water (outside if it's cool weather) to have a jolting experience.
  • Do something you haven't done for ages like ride a bike or go for a run.
  • Eat a spoon of really hot sauce, suck on a lemon, or down a raw egg.
  • Do something that scares you - have a conversation you've been avoiding, go on a spider hunt, or watch videos of something you fear.
  • Dress up - make yourself feel good (wearing red will boost confidence).

What can you challenge yourself to do?

8. Look after yourself

Keeping in good health and not overdoing things is important for your well being.

  • Sleep brings multiple benefits to help: reduce stress, lose weight, improve memory and much more, so get as much sleep as you can, even a power nap can make a world of difference to the way you feel.
  • Take time out for yourself, snuggling up under a soft blanket will relax you, or even touching soft things will make you feel better.
  • Exercise - need I say any more?
  • Meditate, even if only for 3 minutes, to help calm your mind and re-centre yourself.
  • Breathe - focusing on your breath is a form of meditation, notice how shallow or deep your breath is and follow its path in and out of your body. Try to breathe into your belly as this relieves tension and increases the blood supply through your body.


9. Change your mindset


Staying stuck in an emotional state isn't going to help us and certainly isn't fun for those around us. How can you put a positive spin on life?


  • Change the story in your head. What do you keep telling yourself and is it working for you? What if you changed the ending? Added a new choice? Or, started a whole new story altogether?
  • Pretend -  act the way you'd like to feel instead and you might just fool yourself into a better way of being. 
  • Imagine a version of your best self. How would you really like to be? Calmer, more patient, smarter? Is there anyone you admire for their traits that you can model? Take this ideal self and daydream about it daily, how are you acting? How does it make you feel? The more you envision it the more you'll find yourself steering towards this improved version of you.
  • Be thankful for what you have in life. You have so many privileges compared to many in the world that aren't as fortunate. Be grateful for the little things. Just saying 'thank you' will make you feel better.


10. Power Pose

This is my favourite method of them all. Stand in your power, choose a pose like a superhero, and hold it for 2 minutes. This releases testosterone into your bloodstream which improves your mood. And, it's a great way to boost your confidence, so stand in your Power Pose before anything that makes you nervous, such as interviews or public speaking.

  • Stand with your feet parallel, shoulder-width apart
  • Hands on hips or to the sky
  • Head up, lookup
  • Smile
  • Hold this pose for 2 minutes whilst you think about your greatness, imagine you are your best self.



Are you still wearing a smile from point number 1 on the list? How much better do you feel already? And how easy was it to achieve?


Our emotions are present in every waking moment. It's noting whether you are in the optimal emotional state for the current situation or even if that state is serving you well.


Knowing that you now have the ability to change your mood, putting this into practice means that you have the power to bring more success and happiness into your life.


So, go forth, take charge of your emotional state, and go get your happy on!


Let Life In & Be You


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