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Hypnosis, love it or hate it, there are so many benefits and very little to be worried about. Let's take a deeper look to uncover some misconceptions and enlighten any skeptics on the topic.

Did you know, you have been hypnotised before

Believe it or not, you have experienced hypnosis, probably without being aware of it. 

  • You are ‘entranced’ when you are so absorbed in a film, book, or activity that you lose track of time or the world around you. 
  • Every night before you fall asleep you will enter a trance state. 
  • If you meditate, you are in a trance. 
  • Daydreaming is a trance.

These are all forms of hypnosis. Tell me, how do you feel during these states? Relaxed, safe, content? So where does the skepticism come from?

Bad rap comes from stage hypnosis

Some people have a fear of hypnosis which has largely been influenced by TV and stage shows where people appear to make fools of themselves for the entertainment of the audience. 


Stage hypnosis is a form of entertainment and uses eager volunteers who are there for the show. All are fully aware of what they are letting themselves in for and probably have extra confidence or are inebriated and relaxed from alcohol. 


This is a form of showmanship where the hypnotist, starting with a large pool of eager participants, will test them by performing some fun 'induction' tricks and selecting those who are more susceptible to be hypnotised. The purpose is for the show to be a success, those selected will often be more outgoing, compliant, and will easily follow instructions.


Some people may not end up fully hypnotised but are likely to have a big ego or want the attention of being on stage so they will happily play along. The hypnotist may have flattered the participant and suggested 'those with intelligence can be hypnotised' and no-one wants to break this illusion. Plus the participant will have a great get-out clause of "I was hypnotised" as an excuse to save any embarrassment after the event.


My first experience of hypnosis was a family holiday in Majorca. It was a free show in our hotel and a night I will never forget. I have never laughed so hard watching my uncle on stage as 'The World’s Strongest Man' who found it impossible to lift a foam hammer, his face was red and the veins in his neck were popping. When my 6 year old cousin was asked to pick up the hammer and did it with ease, the look of shock on my uncle's face was priceless. I highly recommend you go along to a live show, laugh the night away and consider all of the above.


So, stage hypnosis is one side but on the other is clinical hypnosis/hypnotherapy which is used for a specific purpose for the benefit of the individual, and is very therapeutic.


Along with the fear of clucking like a chicken from stage hypnosis, many people worry that it is a form of mind control. Let me reassure you that the myths can also be cast aside.


Will I lose control when in hypnosis?

You can never be forced to do anything against your will. During hypnosis, you are always conscious and aware of what is going on during the session and choose to give consent to anything asked of you. You are not asleep, your subconscious mind is always alert and you are fully capable of making wise decisions.


If the hypnotist asked you to do something you didn't agree with, like rob a bank, you would break state and bring yourself out of hypnosis immediately, you always have the power to pull yourself out.


Is hypnosis a form of mind control?

As hypnotists, we do not have magical powers. It is not woo-woo, mystical or the devil’s work. Hypnosis is a natural process (in fact prayer can be a form of hypnosis), we do not control your mind, only guide you through the process. Your subconscious mind chooses to do the work.


If a hypnotist had the ability to do such things do you really think they would need to stay in their business?

The stereotypical swinging pendulum is not necessary to put people into hypnosis, although this method can be used, there are multiple ways to induce a trance, such as visualisation, asking to follow instruction and non-verbal methods. Everyone is different and the practitioner will use the most effective method for each client.


Is hypnosis a truth serum?

Fear not, you won't reveal any information that you don't want to share so your secrets are safe! Studies prove that you can even lie in a state of hypnosis and may even greatly embellish your fib as the subconscious mind is in a more creative state.


Will I get stuck in a hypnotic state?

No-one has ever been stuck in a state of hypnosis. At most you will be so relaxed that you fall asleep, indicating what your body needs most. If you do fall asleep the suggestions will not be embedded so the hypnosis will not be effective as you are unable to listen to and process the messages going in.


If you go into a deep state of hypnosis you may not consciously remember everything that is said to you (like dozing off during a film), but your subconscious mind will still receive the messaging and take action for you.

Is it only the weak who can be hypnotised?

As mentioned previously, everyone has been in a state of hypnosis before. When it comes to clinical hypnosis, everyone has the potential to enter this state, but they have to be open to it and want it - if they are against it they wouldn’t be visiting the practitioner. 

Everyone is different and each will have their own experience. Some people are more susceptible to suggestion and easily go into hypnosis (the prime stage show candidate) and others may be more resistant and find it harder to quieten their mind and relax so it may take longer to fall into a trance. But, with practice, trance will become quicker and easier.

And lastly, the more intelligent you are the easier it is to be hypnostised because you have a more creative mind, are more attentive, and make better decisions.


Are you closer to giving hypnosis a try?

Now that your mind has been put at ease and you realise you have been in hypnosis daily, are you curious to give it a go?

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Hypnosis can be used for many matters, from habits and health issues to relaxation and goal achievement, how could you benefit?

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