Becky English - Hypnosis, Mindset, Coaching


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

Hypnosis is...


  • An opportunity for you to take time out and enjoy relaxing
  • Releasing old patterns, stress and negativity to be replaced with a positive mindset
  • Taking on new ways of dealing with the challenges of life

Hypnosis is a fast and easy way to affect change in yourself - as long as you want it, believe it and have an end goal in mind.

Hypnosis is a method to get you into a relaxed trance, altering your state to bring heightened awareness. This unlocks the unconscious intelligence to be open for change.

You'll find this familiar, it's like:

  • The moment before you fall asleep
  • When you're so absorbed in something you lose time and oblivious to everything around
  • Arriving at your destination on autopilot but not remembering parts along the way
  • Meditating or being lost in a daydream

You were probably expecting to feel much more! Perhaps having been misled by Stage Hypnotists, so breathe a sigh of relief. Your unconscious mind is your protector and always has your best interests at heart.

  • You will not embarrass yourself - everything you do under hypnosis is fully consensual, you are always in full control of what you say and do and will generally remember what happens. You can even lie if you choose to
  • I cannot get you to do anything you do not want to do, or to my advantage (neither of which are my intention or ethics)
  • No one ever gets stuck in a state of hypnosis, you can always bring yourself out of it.

Hypnosis works with the unconscious to access the outcomes you want. You are more open to positive suggestions that overcome the old, negative thinking of the conscious mind.  It exercises your mind.

Many behaviours, attitudes, and physical ailments can be overcome using hypnosis. It can also be beneficial and help develop your strengths and bring a feel-good factor:

  • Weightloss & self-esteem
  • Quit smoking, nail-biting, alcohol, etc
  • Anxiety,  stress, depression
  • Insomnia & relaxation
  • Pain management
  • Fears and phobias
  • Improved performance - sales, arts, exams….
  • Confidence - body, work, public speaking….
  • Spiritual development
  • And so much more

Together we will bust those barriers and open new doors to let life in and be you.

I would love the opportunity to work with you with a program tailored for your needs.

Typically a course of 3 - 6 sessions are required to reinforce the changes for your desired outcome, after all, repetition is the mother of all learning and old habits may have been years in the making.

Sessions can be conducted face-to-face, online or by phone.