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  • How many diets have you tried where you’ve lost weight but then put it back on again?

  • Are you time-poor and struggle to fit in healthy eating and exercise classes?

  • Are you looking for an easy way to control your weight?

Diets don’t work

They are a temporary fix, a set of rules you follow for a period of time, and as soon as you stop the diet the weight piles back on.

Diets deal with the symptoms, ie weight gain, but do not address the cause, such as why you have gained weight in the first place.

Working together we will address the reasons behind your excess weight and discover why you can’t release weight.

Once we’ve identified these we can break through the beliefs and provide new ways of thinking where you will naturally make healthier food choices that last a lifetime.

We all have a natural ability to control our weight

It’s just that we’ve forgotten how and need to tap back into these strengths and attune to our body.

Just like a baby who knows when it’s hungry and stops feeding when it is full, we will work together to reactivate these natural abilities so that excess eating becomes a thing of the past and you know exactly when to stop.

It’s all in the mind

Our mind’s priority is to protect us, and it does a great job, almost too good. But sometimes we need to re-educate it by showing better ways to look after ourselves.

Even using the term ‘weight loss’ might stop you from losing weight. Your mind might have lost things dear to it in the past, or hope that lost things come back to it, think of when you’ve lost your keys. So why would it want to ‘lose weight’?

My programs focus on mind management to refocus your mindset, build new habits, break old beliefs, re-phrase language, and provide positive suggestions that will give you lasting results.

MasterMind Weight

  • Stop being frustrated that you can’t meet or maintain your ideal weight
  • No more demotivating diets
  • Say goodbye to lack of confidence and being unhappy with your body

Will power alone probably hasn't worked for you. Fear not as there is something far stronger than willpower, an ability you already hold that will help to reach the weight you desire and I can give you the keys to unlock it.

Together we can uncover the reasons you’re holding onto weight and beat down the barriers to transform you into a slimmer version of you that you will come to love. Where you can be in control of your choices and actions and not feel guilty. Tools that you can use for life!

We will journey to a slimmer you and strengthen your mindset. We’ll have fun along the way and there may be tears (of relief and release) but we’ll aim for the previously unattainable so you can live the life you desire.

What are you waiting for?

Let Life In and BE You

"It's not about getting to a number on a scale - it's about creating a vision for how you want your life to look"

- Oprah Winfrey



Drop a dress size in 28 days and still eat the foods you love


Working at a deeper level this program is personalised to your specific blockers.

* may extend beyond this based on how well you are tracking, I’m here to ensure you get the support you need to achieve the results you want and not churn you through so I can get the next client in!

If you are 100% committed to wanting to make a change in your life then these programs will work for you.

Side effects include more self-confidence,

happiness, and a lust for life!

Want to try before you buy?

Work with me

I work one-to-one, with clients around the world via online sessions.

I offer a free initial chat giving you the opportunity to see if I am the right fit for you and to answer any questions you may have.

My joy is seeing you change before my eyes, it’s the personal growth and happiness of everyone I work with. So let’s work together to make YOUR success a reality.